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Scrappy is an amazing young horse, from the moment I  started him he has been so willing and easy going. He has been used at the sale barn and will automatically get a gate and watch a cow. You can leave him off for a long time and when you get back on him again you don't have to worry about any freshness! This horse does not have a mean bone in his body!! He has been messed around with a little on the barrels, you have control of his shoulders and he turns and stops when you ask. This young horse is going to make someone a very nice barrel horse prospect or head horse! He does ride a little green because he has been put on the back burner but beings he hasn't always been rode consistently I  have learned that he remembers the things I've showed him in the past and he's proven that he isn't one to be broncy or fresh!! Stands at 14.3 pushing 15 hands. Very friendly, in your pocket type!
(SOLD) $11.700

Scrappy papers.jpg
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