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WJR Littleducecoupe


wyatt and i.jpg

SOLD $16,500

Consigned to BLS Sept. 27th, 28th, 29th!

HIP 308 on Saturday 28th!!


Freckles has been a valuable part of our ranching lifestyle for years now, what ever you ask of him he won’t let you down. Anything on the ranch from getting gaits, crossing water, sorting, and roping, you name it! He’s great with children and beginners. If you want slow and easy he’ll be your best buddy but if you want to get up and go he’ll give you all he’s got! He’s as compacted as they get and with power to boot. This little brick house is no one trick pony! He started out as a cutter, ranched on most his life, and is a switch ender in the arena when needed. He’s made a pretty nice little breakaway horse for me and will go in any direction you would like. (405)952-4299.

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