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Lil Sis

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🔥Consigned to Billings Livestock Horse Sale (online session) July 24th LOT 92 🔥

How to bid ONLINE-…/HorseSaleHome.html

Lil Sis is Scarletts pride and joy, they go all over together. Gathering cows, helping pen back at the Salebarn, and all in between. With them being both the same age, they are like two peas in a pod. Anything Scarlett wants to do Lil Sis is happy to do it with her. She is a great little pony that gets along with everyone and has the best gait that you could ask for in a pony, lopes off from a walk very smooth like! Lil Sis crosses water, picks up her feet, bathes, and will stand for a step stool. Everywhere Scarlett goes with Lil Sis people are always swarming her with love for this little pony. She’s definitely one that stands out from the rest!! She stands at 12 hands, not too big and not too small for the kids! Lil Sis would be great for any kid, she’s quite and gentle enough for the younger kids yet handy and big enough for the older kids! Videos will be available at Pillars Ranch on Facebook and YouTube. (405) 952-4923


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