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RL Buckshot Feathers



Consigned to the Shawnee Horse Sale on May 29-30 2020. LOT #387

13 year old buckskin. Its hard to find another one like Buckshot. Put the grandparents on him, let the grandkids waller around on him, or cinch him up and go win some money in the arena. Buckshot is as good as gold both in the arena and on the ranch. He’s seen many of miles, from roping stray cattle and loading them, brandings, to even being an older lady’s trusted companion. You name something on the ranch that needs done, he’s done it! Pulls like a machine from the horn and will walk back to the trailer just as easy as he walked away from it. He is my favorite horse on the place to head off of, he is the SAME horse run after run, scores like a rock in the box, and doesn’t get hot. Plus, you won’t get outran when you nod your head on this one. Everything he does is nice and easy, he will never put you in a bad situation, and yet you have loads of power when you need it. A handsome gentle giant but don’t worry about him being big, he’s stepstool broke!!




watch sale video below or at:

SOLD $20,000

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