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Welcome to Pillars Ranch!!!

Welcome to Pillars Ranch, where two peoples dreams and their love for horses come together on one ranch located in central Oklahoma. My name is Daryn Wolff, previously; Wolff Performance Horses, and my lovely companion is Wyatt Pillars. Together we strive to breed, train, and sell quality horses. We look for solid conformation, gentle dispositions, color and great pedigrees with athletic ability. Our focus is to produce versatile horses that have the ability and mind to preform multiple different disciplines, at various different levels. We train our horses for all aspects of ranch work for that is our livelihood. But they aren't just ranch horses, ranching helps them understand a job and hard work, along with building a sane and sound mind. Besides ranching, our horses have a good foundation of reining fundamentals, helping to move each body part and to be supple in their face. Therefore you have full control of your horse along with the ability to acquire other disciplines with more ease and style!

We enjoy a horse with plenty of cow and a little extra whoa!  

We have just started up our breeding program, again we are looking for them to be versatile, and eventually showing them in AQHA reining, reined cow horse, roping, or possibly the cutting. It may take a while but our future is bright!!  






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